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What is is an online investment platform for the international company Trade Bots LTD registered in the UK. More information about the company can be found in the section "About us".

How long does a company exist on the market?
The company Trade Bots LTD has been operating since March 13, 2013 unofficially for 5 years, officially since December 26, 2018. Investment platform was launched on 26 December 2018.

Is the company in official business?
Yes, registration documents can be found in the section "About us".

What guarantees does your company provide to investors?
The company guarantees the safety of Your investment and daily profit, according to the terms of the chosen investment plan. All possible risks associated with the further turnover of funds, the company takes full responsibility.

Does the company pay taxes?
Yes, all tax charges are paid in full, as the company’s operations are conducted officially.

What will happen to my deposit if the company closes for any reason?
If the company decides to complete its activities for any reason - information about it will be publicly available on the official website ahhh! Investors ' deposits will be recalculated and the outstanding balance will be refunded within 3 working days.

How do I become Your investor?
In order to become an investor, it is enough to go through a simple registration procedure, replenish the balance using the provided payment systems, and open a Deposit in the appropriate section.

What payment systems do you use?
At the moment, there are such systems as PerfectMoney, Payeer, Advanced Cash and BitCoin. Replenishment of the balance using these payment systems is carried out automatically. Visa/Mastercard[RUB] (manual processing of applications every hour during working hours).

How do I get a profit?
To withdraw funds, you must submit an application in the "Withdrawal" section.

What is the minimum amount to apply for a withdrawal?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 5$.

How fast is the withdrawal?
Within 12 hours from the moment of creation of the request for withdrawal of funds. Withdrawal to Bank cards is made during working hours from 9:00 to 22:00 Moscow time, every hour.

Are there any additional fees for withdrawal?
No! During the withdrawal, you receive an amount equal to that specified in the withdrawal request.

Is there an affiliate program on the platform?
Yes! Our platform provides an affiliate program with a depth of 3 levels with a remuneration of 20-15-10%.

I replenished the balance from one payment system, but I want to withdraw to another, is it possible?
Yes! All charges and payments can be made to different payment systems.

I want to change the inviter, is it possible?

My referral replenished the balance, the money was credited to me, but I can not withdraw them, why?
Check which payment system within the site funds were credited; referral payments are made to the system with which the referral opened the deposit.

I made a deposit, when will I start getting the first profit?
After you have chosen a tariff and have made a deposit, you will receive the first profit in 24 hours, from the moment of opening the deposit.

Can I withdraw my deposit before the end of the term, is it possible?
No, because Your funds come to cryptocurrency exchanges for arbitrage trading and can not be withdrawn early in order to avoid losses.

Can I not have a personal deposit to participate in the referral program of the site?

Are there any bonuses for video reviews, blog posts, monitoring, about the project?
Yes! For details, contact customer support.

I entered incorrect data about payment systems in my profile, what should I do?
Contact support, since the change of the payment details yourself impossible after the first introduction of the payment data.

Do you have a chat for investors?
Yes, in the upper left corner of the site there is a button on the Telegram chat.
UPD: At the moment our chat is blocked and a new chat to create do not see the point. Please note that all chats created on our behalf (as well as using similar names) are NOT related to our company and may be potential scammers.

I did not find the answer to my question, what should I do?
Contact support via the feedback form, online chat, email, or Telegram.

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